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A retiree's #1 fear is running out of money while still alive

A smart, tax-efficient withdrawal plan makes a material difference in retirement

The message that you need to save for retirement is clear. But messages about smart ways to spend your retirement savings get lost in the clutter. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes with creating an actionable retirement plan for the next phase of your life.

There are lots of products like annuities or target date funds, and "rules of thumb” are not specific enough to craft a solid plan. So, how do you create a strategy? And, with all the different approaches, how do you know which strategy is best for you? How do you know your money will last? You need a customized strategy that helps you make the most of your assets.

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Taxes Matter

Because we leverage the tax code, our sophisticated model provides a drawdown strategy that may allow your nest egg to last years longer by reducing the taxes you owe upon withdrawal.

Asset Location Matters

We can help reposition your assets in the appropriate investment accounts to enhance your portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns.

Withdrawal Sequence Matters

We help you time your withdrawals and know where to take money from across your accounts and resources to generate income while maximizing your assets.

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Is your current retirement plan smart? Compare and find out.

Compare your Retirement Options

Don't take our word for it. Compare for yourself. Our innovative Retirement Benchmark™ report actually runs your current path to compare alongside our suggested path and several popular guidelines to help you find the strategy that will make your money last longest. We are not focused on product sales. We focus on helping you realize your goals through applying best practices in wealth management and implementing an efficient withdrawal strategy which may result in getting more years from your money.

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Ages 45-62: Not yet retired? Let us show you how making a few changes now can mean a big payoff later.

Ages 62-70: We can show you how to start confidently and finish securely with a tax-smart withdrawal strategy

70 and beyond: Already retired? We have tools and plans to help you stay in control of your retirement

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Why Retiree Income?

Financial advisors focus on selling products. Brokerage firms don’t care about your taxes. CPAs care only about taxes. A smart withdrawal strategy requires expertise in all of these areas: financial advice, investment management, and tax planning.

At Retiree Income, we have a team of industry leaders encompassing all of those areas who work together to create for you the best possible retirement withdrawal strategy.

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